Memory Lane Monday (#12)

Recall back in March, I did a post about boys and their water "experiments." (I'll wait for you to read it or else the rest of this post loses some of its je-ne-sais-quoi).

Al has outgrown them for the most part. I've not seen a water experiment in his bathroom for quite awhile. Wait. "Outgrown" isn't the right word....its really more that he's evolved to a new level of experimentation. Last week, I found this in the freezer:

It's a rock. Frozen in water. To see if the rock would somehow change by being frozen.

Ironically, the EXACT SAME DAY that I found the rock in the freezer, Craig found this:

It's Gman's Matchbox cars water experiment, found under the dining table.
Yes, there is water in there. Craig calls it a Hot Wheels Car Wash. It's even in the EXACT SAME type of cup as Al's frozen rock!

Dear Lord, please give me strength to get thru another 10 years of water experiments.


Queen B said...

hahahahahaha. too funny!

Bianka said...

Haha sounds like you have a budding scientist on your hands!

Anonymous said...

Some reason or another - I see Gman doing more experiments than Al - Mom

Agent DragonFly said...

Maybe he will become a scientist!! TOO FUNNY!!

Anonymous said...

Very Clever Kids! Aunt Rae

Ruthie Girl said...

wow, you a pinned a boy--to a cup.

crazy! i wonder who taught gman

Kim Thomas said...

RO! I love a good experiment. I remember trying to turn an egg into a rubber ball, lots of vinegar required.