We have returned...

...but it will be an eternity before the house returns to normal.
Our Christmases are always a "hurry up and go" affair to do presents, get Al to/from his father, & rush out the door to get to Craig's family, which is a 3 hr drive.

Kids first wake up (actually, we had to wake up the little ones up)
At the top of the stairs before going down:

Santa brought us a "Family gift" this year. Al sees it:

Santa brought Gman bedding for "a big boy bed." We are now a crib-free home!

Papaw plays "pool" on the new Wii.

Note the destruction?! That's not even the half of it....it will be spring before I see the carpet.


KFuj said...

Wow! I know how crazy Christmas can be too.

One year Mr. KFuj and I were in NY for Christmas Eve flew back to Ca for Christmas and did 3 houses and gifts! Never again! We have since added Christmas Eve gifts at the Fujs rather than Christmas day!

Was the Wii the family gift? Santa is great:-)

Queen B said...

who needs to see carpet when you have a wii? :)

Anonymous said...

Well, it looks like you did have a very Merry Christmas! Aunt Rae

Jane: a female given name of English origin said...

Love being cribless !!!!