What in the world?

OK, it's obviously a credit card machine. But the location of it made Al and I really question the money decision-making skills of those who use it (and I hope it's not any of you because I don't want to offend). If someone can't scrape together $1.25 in cash, perhaps they should consider using the FREE water fountain that was 20 feet to the left instead.


Kim Thomas said...

I am not offended...but I think it's cool and I would probably use it.

Agent DragonFly said...

hey when you need a soda you need a soda.....i would use it....I 90% drink water (well and red wiine) but occasionally I get a soda attack and i would use a credit card to satisfy that

Queen B said...

I totally can't complain. I never carry cash. Agent Dragonfly will vouch that I had to bum $2 off her to pay for parking last time we went for happy hour