Title Conundrum

I've mentioned to you all before the little road game we play called "Purple Car."

Princess learned the game "Slug bug" from her Grandma. Problem was, for the longest time, she couldn't tell the difference between a bug and a PT Cruiser. Now she can.

Gman and Princess have started yelling "Christmas lights" every time they see them.

Princess decided she wanted a game called "Box" where you yell "box" every time you see a vehicle that is even remotely rectangular in shape--ie ALL SUV'S, semi's, vans, etc.

Until I tell them "NO MORE!," every 2.5 seconds, somebody from the backseat (usually Princess) yells:

Purple Car!
Christmas lights!
Protein Cruiser!

When I was trying to pick a title for this post, I couldn't decide between "Road Hazards" and "Snatching Myself Bald"


Ruthie Girl said...

I like road hazards.

(so glad a grandma or an aunt hasn't taught that to my kids.)

Andrea said...

Road trips must be very VERY fun!! My sister and I would just play the "she's touching me" game.

Anonymous said...

Princess is so creative....I still play slug bug with Uncle Gary and even with co-workers coming & going at lunch. I'll have to come to AZ and teach some nieces & nephews this game....... Auntie Em

Kim Thomas said...

I hate PT Cruiser. Can we yell, Worst car in the world everytime we pass that?

Queen B said...

Kim is correct

I love their games :)

Jane: a female given name of English origin said...


Anonymous said...

OK, now I really am LOL, and I must go, but Paula you are funny. Kim, cruisers are good looking - Aztec's are ugly (and your Christmas photo is darling). I really am going now. Aunt Rae