Our family plays a driving game that involves looking for purple vehicles. Yesterday, on the way to the zoo with Grandma and Papaw, we were sitting in the MickyDee's drive-thru when the following conversation occurred:
Princess: Purple car
Grandma: Where?
Princess: At the gas station.
Grandma: Which gas station?
Princess: That one (as if G'ma can see her pointing)
Grandma: I don't see any purple cars at either gas station.
Princess: That's because you don't have your seeing glasses on.


Jane: a female given name of English origin said...

Why purple cars? What about slug bugs? Bet you can see them much better with your seeing glasses

Kim Thomas said...

I love this game! Sydney will play it.

Paula said...

It started when Al and I were driving around town running errands and in the span of 1 hour we saw at least 4 purple vehicles. And it just went on from there.

Anonymous said...

I love it! Aunt Rae

Jinjer said...

Sounds fun!! I will play this on road trips for sure!

Ruth Anne said...

I hate glasses because without them I can't hear.

Queen B said...

oh boy, that is funny.

RO, Ruth Ann!