More Peeping Tom children

I'm going to have to create a new category for just pictures of my kids being peeping toms. We're now up to 5!!! (And it's weird to see the hits I get for people google-ing "peeping tom"--and yes, I've now had more than just the one. eeewww!!)

First, it was the roofer that nearly fell off the roof when he discovered my kids staring out the window at him.

Second, it was the swingset installers that took 13 hours because my kids kept interrupting to wave at them.

Third, here's Princess sitting on the step
stool watching the plummer repairing the master shower. This pic was taken in June I think.

Fourth, was the painter in the master bath in July. They pushed my desk chair over to the door and sat in it together to watch. (Why yes, that IS a picture of Andrea's kitchen counter superimposed on the pic of my desk!)

And this week, it's the dishwasher installer (another post on that soon.)


Andrea said...

They aren't peeping toms...they are quality inspectors. They just want to make sure the job gets done right!!

I guess there is no slacking off of the workers when you have two such close observers watching them.

Queen B said...

omg, they are hilarious!

the pic of them sharing the chair is the cutest thing I have seen in a long time :)

Jinjer said...

LOL Andrea!! They are so cute!!

Andrea said...

Too funny! I love your desk... it makes me feel right at home!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Andrea, they are quality insectors and heaven forbid if an unhonest worker even thought of picking something up that didn't belong to them...you would have two eye witnesses to the fact. Mom

LoSpace said...

Maybe they are just studying to be future stars on the HGTV network!!

Kim Thomas said...

This could not be funnier! What observant children you have.

I am with Andrea, they are quality inspectors.

Jane: a female given name of English origin said...

Im just amazed at how long Princess' hair is, oh my

Anonymous said...

I am amazed how long they will just sit there watching. Now there are some things more interesting than TV. Aunt Rae