Fish Eggs

Gman had his first official visit to the dentist on Thursday...there's an hour of my life I'll never get back. Let's hope the next one goes better. His prize from the Treasure Box was a tiny toy fish--the kind you put in a glass of water and it "grows." As he got in the car seat, this convo took place:
Gman: Where's my fish?
Mom: You're sitting on it.
Gman: Where's my fish?!
Mom: You're sitting on it!
Princess: You're hatching it!


Queen B said...


wow, I used to love getting toys from the dentist. memories... now, you just get a toothbrush and floss. how fun is that?!

Kim Thomas said...

Toys from the dentist, stickers from the lab and candy from the doctors

Andrea said...

Too funny! (I hear there may be a trip to Georgia in your future!)

Jenn Ann said...

Lollipops were the best!

KFuj said...

I never got anything fun :-( However I do remember getting stickes from the lab, I was always getting blood work, go figure I hate going to the drs now due to the fear of having to give blood!

Jinjer said...

How funny! I didn't remember anything about toys from the treasure chest at the dentist until I read this and now I have many memories coming back!

Ann said...


Vicki is 10 now, and every time we go to the dentist, I consider giving her a Xanax...not a good experience, ever.