Santa & police informants

Craig scored some tix to the UK Basketball game last night. Al and I were the lucky attendees. We had a total blast! UK doesn't just play a game--these are like major league sporting events with shows and fireworks during the player intro's.

The cheerleader and mascot pyramid are a crowd favorite (click on it to see a larger view. That flag is actually about 10 ft tall.):

But at this game, Al and I were mostly fascinated by the fact that
My walk-by photo at half-time wasn't so good. Toward's the end of the game we scooted down. Here's Al's "pretend to take a picture of me" photo (He's sooo hooked on the blog now!)

But after that, I got a pretty great one!

After the game, Al had just gotten in bed and could hear voices outside. Turns out, teenagers were stealing pumpkins from the neighbor's porch. The neighbor who is a policeman...who's cell phone number I have...who just happened to be on patrol only a few blocks from the house. He called me back to say he drove around and found them and watched them take pumpkins from 4 more houses before pulling them over and lining them up on the sidewalk. I asked Neighbor Policeman to take a pic for the blog, but he declined. Al and I are now officially police informants.
Al is totally stoked! Says this was the best day ever!


Kim Thomas said...

After seeing this UK fan on a Saturday night I am so happy that you guys got to go to the game.

Sydney is wearing her UK bib all the time!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great mother and son date. Note surprised Santa is a UK fan, who isn't??? Good lesson on doing dumb things can get you in trouble too. Mom

Queen B said...

that is awesome! was that the UK vs. OBU game? My brother's best friend and several of my family members went to OBU, so I was laughing when I saw the UK/OBU highlights on espn yesterday morning... they were totally butchering how to say Ouachita.

Linda said...

Hey! We knew all along Santa is a UK basketball fan. Now you have confirmed it! *LOL*

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fun time! Aunt Rae

Jane: a female given name of English origin said...

Santa has time for sports??

Andrea said...

I'm surprised Santa has time to actually attend games, especially this time of year. But then again, he does have all that non-union labor working hard for him at the North Pole.