Backlog of blog fodder

I've got a ton. Here's just a few.....in random order:

A. As I returned from Andrea's, I stopped for gas and saw this sign in front of the gas station. Be afraid, be very very afraid:

B. I'm at Sam's, picking out a package of beef when I hear Gman say behind me "1..2..3..4..5..Ready Not, Here come. (pause) There you are!" As I turn around, I hear Princess doing the same thing. Then Gman immediately does it again. "1..2..3..Ready Not, Here come. THERE YOU ARE!!" Even more bizarre is that he acted genuinely surprised to find her sitting next to him in the cart!!

C. Gman's new winter coat:

But what is this? A grab handle for mom to snatch him by the back of his head...??

D. Snuggly guys on the couch.

E. For Jenn, License plate: J33PER on a Jeep

F. A new fire department was built near my neighborhood. Their main fire engine pulled into the grocery store the other day while I was there. What? Is that # 22? Why yes, it is!


Queen B said...

cute pics!

love the 22 :)

Andrea said...

too funny!

Agent DragonFly said...

I like how Gman was genuinely surprised every time!! HA HA HA!!

Kim Thomas said...

Of all, (a) is my absolute favorite. RO!

Ruthie Girl said...

I love how the kids were seriously playing hide and seek in the same cart. I love kids!