First Day of School--2010!

First to leave were the little ones.
Princess: "Hey Gman, now pose like this. Now like this. And this way...."
Oh what a difference 1 year and a gender makes...Gman lost interest after the 2nd picture.

Oh what a difference 8 yrs and a gender makes....New high schooler who seriously did not want his picture. At all. Then agreed only if it wasn't taken outside. So I had to sneak one.


Ruthie Girl said...

I wish I could have a redo on my pictures. Oh well.

They look super big and cute!

Congrates on the floor and the massage. I am 50% there.

Anonymous said...

They look great for the first day to school. What a great day for mom. Grandma

Linda J. said...

Great photos! I love the one of the backpacks! I took a couple of my 11 year old. He didn't complain too much, just told me to speed it up!