more parking lot wisdom

Ok, you know those people who will drive around and around a parking lot for 10 minutes looking for a parking spot in the first 2 rows. I call those "parking lot vultures."
I was pulling out of a prime parking spot at the gym and a vulture was there waiting for me to leave. As I was proceeding out of the lot, I noticed THREE more driving in circles. I'll give the mini-van mom a pass because I know what it is like to herd 2 toddlers, a dufflebag and a diaper bag through a wet, crowded parking lot (much like herding a dozen cats into a filled bathtub--slippery & dangerous for every one involved).
But for the 2 vultures--I had to laugh. Why are they going to the gym if they are unwilling to walk the extra 25 paces from a parking spot a little further away from the door?


Anonymous said...

I may have been the first to comment but not officially.

So I am the first to comment today.

You must be in the car alot.

Jane: a female given name of English origin said...

I always get the front row (Its a Secret thing)

Kim Thomas said...

New acronym: MMIAPLV

My mom is a parking lot vulture.

I love it!

Queen B said...

interesting... I would think at the gym the spaces furthest from the door would be most prime. that's funny.

Anonymous said...

I'm guilty of being a vulture today at the YMCA. I was just making a quick stop thru town on my way back to work and thought I would stop by and get info on memberships etc. We have thought about joining all month long and I thought today I would make an effort. However, it was pouring rain and I didn't want to look like a wet dog going back to work..so I drove around a zillions times to get the first row parking spot. Mom

Jenn Ann said...

For some reason the vultures are the worst at the gym, which always cracks me up! Costco is also bad.