Memory Lane Monday (#16)

Memory Lane takes us way back. Remember when my house looked like this......a week ago?
When it was being swallowed hole by those monster bushy/tree things. And if we hadn't kept trimming them, they'd be twice that size!!!

And today, it looks like this!!!

I discovered a nest the day before the landscaper was to come. It was up too high to see in it, so I held my camera up above to take a peak inside for eggs. The landscaper had started work before I could discuss options.

R.I.P. little red robin :-(

PS---Now when the Funaholics come to our house, they'll know which one is ours!


Bianka said...

Poor little baby bird. :(

Your new landscaping does look lovely!

Queen B said...

ooh, nice!

poor birdie :(

Anonymous said...

Wow - I almost drove by your house last night. It really looks different without the big trees. Mom

Ruthie Girl said...

it looks nice

Jane: a female given name of English origin said...

Love the trim!