A Pedi Complaint

I rarely get pedicures because my feet are very ticklish. I think today's was my 3rd ever.
I assumed there would be a language barrier, so I drew a picture of the daisy I wanted painted on my big toes & labeled it. But then I assumed she may not be able to read English, so I also demonstrated with bottles of nail polish. We were cool. I felt confident that she knew what I wanted.

See!! Wouldn't this be soooo cute!!!
She finished the pedi and told me the other lady would do the flower. I heard her say "Daisy" and the new lady looked at my drawing.
I've heard of
  • language barriers
  • barrier reefs
  • sound barriers
  • barrier contraceptives
  • vapor barriers
but "drawing barriers"? That's a new one!

(side note....my toes look so short & stumpy in this pic! I actually have rather long toes. Funny!)


Jenn Ann said...

I've learned to let go when it comes to requesting a specific design. It never comes out the way I want it to, and sometimes I am pleasantly surprised.

Queen B said...

they look really pretty! maybe she couldn't draw it like you did with the nail polish ;)

Andrea said...

I wanted an American flag one time and they didn't know what I meant... it's not like I live in some third world country!

But I love the pedi you got... the green is AWESOME. (My favorite color, you know!)

So, seriously, if the offer is for real, the kids and I might drive up to see you for a short trip... what do you think?

Paula said...

Look at y'all. Y'all are so cute when you're trying to cheer me up. I think the flowers are ugly.

Diane said...

That turned out cute!

Anonymous said...

I love the daisies, I think they turned out really cute. Not any way close to the drawing but I like it. I had really cute jack-o-lanterns once. Aunt Rae

Anonymous said...

Better luck next time. Mom

Kim Thomas said...

People are dumb.

Ruthie Girl said...

It looks great to me!

Linda J. said...

I think your toenails are so cute!