Challenge: ACCEPTED

Andrea challenged me this morning to do the Lexington version of her "Take-Off Tuesdays"---she even made a list of field trips! I'll probably skip the "dead peoples' houses" tours for this summer because when I suddenly yell "DON'T TOUCH THAT!!," my 3 year old hears "IT'S TOTALLY FINE/SAFE TO GRAB THAT AND RUN WITH IT" (you would be soooo grossed out to know what he picked up off the floor in the ladies' room this past weekend) . I'd hate to have to pay for some one-of-a-kind antique.

Since Andrea's the one who challenged me, I'm stealing her graphic.

As I mentioned in my comment, the Valley View Ferry is literally less than 15 minutes from my house, so I threw the kids in the car. Al begged not to go since he's in too much pain (I am now calling him "Crispy Bacon" due to the scorching he got at the pool. Who knew sunscreen doesn't work if you leave it at home?)

It holds up to 3 vehicles and can tuck in a few motorcycles too.

In the background are the posts from an old railroad bridge...those are trees that have grown on top of them!

The post behind the kids shows the water levels reached during various floods over the last hundred years. There's at least a 15 foot drop off at the end of that sidewalk to the current water level.

So Andrea....I challenge you all to come up here and we'll all go to a horse farm or two, and to the Ale-8 factory. I personally think it tastes like pond water, but most everyone else likes it. It's kind of like Mountain Dew, but bad.


Queen B said...


LOL at sunscreen not working when left at home ;) who knew?

Andrea said...

I KNEW you were up to the challenge! Don't I want to come to Kentucky! We had great plans for football season, but the stupid SEC ruined that, didn't they?

I love that you call Al crispy bacon. I think it is a nickname that could really stick. This post (like always) made me laugh out loud!!!

Linda J. said...

I love the Valley View Ferry! We must take Austin soon. I bet you are too young to remember the movie The FlimFlam Man from years and years ago. Part of it was filmed at Valley View with the ferry.
P.S. Thanks for thinking of me with the teapot cake recipe card.

Jane: a female given name of English origin said...

I can not believe how big princess is getting!!!

What an adventure!

Anonymous said...

I think it's great to take in the local sites. There are lots of fun places to go and learn about lots of different things. Put the Toyota factory on the list, Gman & Al might like that one. Mom

Kim Thomas said...

Well done, Super Mom!

Unfortunately for Sydney I am doing:

Moiling Monday
Travailing Tuesday
More Work Wednesday
Toiling Thursday
Functioning Friday

Anonymous said...

Wow, how come nobody has taken me on the ferry yet. Next trip I want to ride the ferry. Looks like another fun day. Aunt Rae