The Sock Basket

Our beds, drawers, washer & dryer are NO-TOR-I-OUS for eating socks. It can take months, years even, for a sock mate to show up. It is not uncommon after folding a load of laundry to have a dozen singletons. Thus, the necessity for
.................The Sock Basket

How many singleton socks can one family have? Well, at the moment we tally
  • Craig - 6
  • Paula - 2
  • Al - 0 (only because his socks = his business, I'm out.)
  • Princess - 13
  • Gman - 5
Yeah, baby! Twenty-six socks!!
And this is LOW!!! I've seen that basket overflow! I eventually throw out socks that I know have been in there for a year+ or that kids have outgrown. But I about fell over yesterday when these 2 showed up! It's been almost 3 years since those fit anyone here!!

Is this normal??? How whack-o is it to have this many singletons at once???


Andrea said...

I fell like dun-DUN-DUN music should accompany this post. We have a full basket of mismatches at my house. I don't even care anymore. But I have a hard time throwing them out. Stupid, I know.

Jenn Ann said...

I rarely wear socks, but I swear it's like one time use because they seem to disappear!

Kim Thomas said...

This is totally normally. It is so bad that at our house I only allow david two types of socks, blue (and he has 10 pairs of the same ones) and white (and he has 20 pairs of the same ones)

Queen B said...

LOL - the sock basket... what a great idea.

RO @ Kim's sock management strategy.

Anonymous said...

I may have a stray sock but it always finds its mate usually during the next weeks wash. You and Aunt Rae (when the kids were all home) I think would tie for the family with the most extra socks. Can't believe baby socks just appeared now...They must of come off of some dolls...Check the toy boxes for the mates...Mom

Ruthie Girl said...

I loathe socks, but I love your hand next to them. Tiny socks get lost easy.

Anonymous said...

I've always wondered where lost socks go. Is there a special place where they all go to be together? Or does the washing machine just eat them? But, a strange thing happened when Not Me moved out the amount of lost socks drastically reduced. Aunt Rae