In lieu of Take-Off Tues

The route to my mother-in-law's house is about 3 hrs long and has really had nothing noteworthy other than the "The bizarre billboard baby," UNTIL a couple weeks ago. We just happened to be driving by during a giant Grand Opening last month.

A new Harley dealership in London, KY! Because of my new Honorary Biker Chick status bestowed upon me by Ann, I felt it required of me to stop and take some pics (the kids are not in the pics because they really didn't seem to care for some reason, and I WAS NOT about to loose my Honorary Biker Chick status if one of them tried to self-entertain by testing the domino effect on expensive motorcycles.)

And for Kim & Laura's new collection, the ladies' room door sign:


Queen B said...

awesome job!

Jane: a female given name of English origin said...

Best post! Love the BR sign

Ann said...

You are doing a fine job in keeping your honorary status!!! LMAO @ 'the domino effect'! That would really suck! :)

Kim Thomas said...

Love the bathroom sign! Way to go chicka!