Back in the saddle

After a few really hectic, tiresome days, life is beginning to return to it's normal level of chaos. The brighter side being that Gman, Craig & I avoided getting the assorted cruds that Al and Princess had.

Not too much by way of funniness, so......from the Brighter Side Vaults. There are several of these billboards between our house and my in-law's house. The same picture has been used over and over on new billboards for this place for the 7 years that I've been coming/going that route. Every time I see it though, I envision the conversation:
Child: C'mon Dad! Stop using that!
Dad: There's billboards for a hundred miles around all 4 of our stores. It stays.
Child: But Dad, my friends are making fun of me!
Dad: It's our registered trademark. We're too well known for it now.
Child: But Dad, I'm 18 now and none of the girls will go out with me!
Dad: Well that just means, some day, when it'll all yours, you won't have to share it.