Today is the worstest day

Princess is stomping down the stairs, fake-crying and saying "Today is the worstest worstest day of my life!" What could drive her to such despair? I wouldn't let her stand at Gman's door and taunt him while he's in a time out for punching her.

Now, I on the other hand can quite legitimately say today is the worstest worstest day for me:
Gman had us up on and off for the first half of last night because he kept screaming out in his sleep...apparently his siblings were repeatedly torturing him in his dreams. As soon as he finally settled down...Al's bodily fluids started pouring all over the place at 4am, and Princess's started at 4:20am. Sing with me, to the tune of 12 Days of Christmas:

5 pounds lost by Al in one morning,
4 loads of disgusting laundry,
3 bathroom scrubbings (the same bathroom),
2 grocery store trips,
1 carpet cleaning
and $110 dollars in doctor and pharmacy co-paaaaaaaays.

And that only takes us up to 1:30pm!
As of about 4:00pm, Gman is beginning to show signs that he too might be getting in on the fun.

Desperately looking for a brighter side: Maybe tomorrow will be the worstest worstest worstest day, making today seem like a day in the park.


LoSpace said...

oh maaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnn! I feel for you sister!

Andrea said...

OH the worstest worstest day! I hope that it is short-lived for your sake! :(

Anonymous said...

Bless your heart! This too will pass. You might even get a change to get bored again some day. Hope all is well. Love, Aunt Rae

Anonymous said...

I hope it is only 24 hr bug. Which means by Wed. afternoon the 3 kids are all well again. Hopefully you and hubby can bypass the bug!!! Let me know if I need to drop anything off to you. Mom

Agent DragonFly said...

Just think the BESTEST BESTEST day is just around the corner!!!

Ruthie Girl said...

I hope that it has gotten better. By the fact this is an old post and there hasn't been a new one in a while worries me. I am sending my love.

I thought we escaped the ills of the winter until yesterday, too, until the chest xray showed my baby has pneumonia AGAIN!

P.S. I got to love that Princess works the teasing.

Jane: a female given name of English origin said...

You need a spa day!!!!

Kim Thomas said...

Geez, all I had was 72 hours of viruses and phone calls

Queen B said...

lmao at your last sentence. um, way to look for the brighter side? :)