A Great Plant

Conversation in the van on the way home from pre-school:

Princess: Mom, can we play the Wii when we get home?
Mom: After lunch.
Princess (excitedly): Did you hear that, Gman? She said "Yes'!!!!
Gman: Wait. Settle down. Let's eat lunch first, K?
Princess: Then we'll play the Wii!
Gman: That's a great plant!


Queen B said...

that is a great plant!

Kim Thomas said...

I made great plants today too.

Andrea said...

I love how Gman says to "settle down" how grown up!!

Ruthie Girl said...

You are really passing along the green.

Agent DragonFly said...

At least he was close, my 3 yr old nephew has decided that Liz translates to B??
He can get Sasha's (my dog) name right though

Anonymous said...

such planter they are...Mom

Jane: a female given name of English origin said...

So darn funny!!!