Memory Lane Monday (#13)

A few weeks ago, Ann talked about her first car and it got me reminiscing about mine. Technically, I guess my first car was the banana yellow Gremlin that my father bought for me. I learned to drive stick shift on that one and then refused to drive it ever again. My father swore he'd never buy me another car. I was okay with that.

I introduce to you, my beloved "Red Fred," the Plymouth Sapporo. At the time, I insisted on driving a stick shift. I bought him in 1987 or '88 and he was actually 9 or 10 years old, but as you can see, in pretty good condition. He made the drive to Panama City Beach for my Senior Trip the summer of '89.
Since I'm sure my mother will probably chime in with this story, I guess I'll beat her to it. I took a corner going too fast once and bent the tie-rod into a pretzel. My punishments:
a.) I had to ride the cheese-wagon to school until my father fixed him.
b.) I had "assist" my father while he fixed Fred. And he would yell and cuss every time something wouldn't go right.

I used to name my cars, all their names involved their colors.
  • Red Fred
  • Blue Jay-- Datsun B-210 (also called "The Stealth B-210 Bomber" by my dad because my mom got pulled over in it for driving after dark without the headlights on)
  • D'White--Honda of some kind or another
  • I had a blue Corsica next, but I don't remember it having a name.
  • Green Hornet--Grand Prix


Anonymous said...

The story I like best about Red Fred is on your high school graduation day we FILLED it with balloons. After the ceremony you came out to your car and I think you were very surprised Dad & I had done it. You had to let out several before you could even get in to drive. Or could the funniest story be when you where in Panama City and it got towed for being parked in a NO PARKING ZONE. Paula & friend had to beg people on the street for money to get it out of jail... Mom

Paula said...

That wasn't my car that got towed...it was Marissa's. And we made $13 in change in one hour and the tow people gave us a discount because they didn't want all our change!

Kim Thomas said...

Red Fred! RO!!! I love this!

Believe it or not I never named any of my cars. I am sort of sad about that. My first car was an 85 Thunderbird (same color, year, make as Laura's first car-funny eh)

Jane: a female given name of English origin said...

I loved this car!!

Andrea said...

I love Red Fred and the name... I used to name my car, but the mini-van never got a name... wonder why that is?

Queen B said...

fun stories!