Happy Father's Day

Here's 3 awesome guys to celebrate on Father's Day! In order of being able to find a picture of them in my phone:

Craig, who is an amazing hubby & dad who refuses to smile for pictures!

My Grandpa who is here visiting us from Washington! He's such a funny smart-alec! Where'd you think my brother, my dad and I get it from?

And my dad, he's awesome!


Ruthie Girl said...

Happy Father's DAY!!!!!!!!!!

They deserve a great day!!

(Has anyone ever said that your dad looks like Craig?)

Kim Thomas said...

Happy Fathers Day everyone!

Anonymous said...

Grandpa and Dad say thanks for the post. They had an awesome day with you and family celebrating Father's Dad. Mom

Jane: a female given name of English origin said...

Craig and Uncle Gary, both wanting to smile!

Anonymous said...

Happy Fathers Day to all! Rae