Take Off Tuesday--KY Edition #2

And so yesterday we hit several of the items from Andrea's and KY Visitor's lists since many of them were literally "Stop, take pic, leave" kind of things.

Number 1 from the list were the Horse Mania horses....unfortunately, that was a local art/charity project from about 8 years ago and the 79 horses were auctioned off for charity. Between me and the 4 people I called, we knew of 3 that were still on display.
Al finally smiled after being reminded that I had all day to wait.

I am not a donut person. I can pass on them every time. EXCEPT Magee's. They are awesome! We arrived at 3pm to discover they close at 2pm in the summer.

At Thoroughbred Park (tiny park with some statues):
Yeah, just try doin' this to a REAL horse!

Princess & Gman--about to be trampled.

We've never been to the downtown branch of the library since there's a branch only 2-3 miles from the house. There's a Foucault Clock at downtown's branch. I've flipped the pic so you can see that its a map of the US with the center being were Lexington is. The gold ball is the pendulum that hangs from the atrium ceiling. Gman was running wild on adrenaline by this time and so I didn't read the lit on it until we got home....there's actually a lot more to this and I'll get better pics and explain more when we return the books we checked out.

Outside the library are 6-7 of these raised plaques of signatures of authors' with a KY connection. This was the name I recognized, she was born elsewhere, but grew up in KY.

And I absolutely can NOT wait for the Funaholics to get here!!!


Andrea said...

YAY! I love the horse statues! I may have to scan my mule pics in and do a post. My favorite is the picture where the kids are about to be trampled.

Shouldn't a donut place stay open LONGER in the summer?

We can't wait to come! I told the kids this morning and they were all smiles!

Queen B said...

great job! love Al's forced smile ;)

Paula said...

Andrea--I was so disappointed that they were closed....I haven't had one in about 6 years!!! I was planning on buying a bunch for "dessert" that night.

Kim Thomas said...

Great Take off Tuesday! You need to go back for the donuts.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I have been to the Thoroughbred Park and have my pictures. Sounds like a great day. Aunt Rae

Anonymous said...

What a fun outing. I love these trips you are taking the kids on - lots of learning too. Mom

Ruthie Girl said...

You guys are so great!

ANd it looks so fun.