Take Off Tuesday--KY Edition #3

OK, OK, since we had to postpone Take-Off Tuesday due to sickness this week, we'll call this one "Fieldtrip Friday". I have NEVER seen one of the kids that sick---that didn't require hospitalization anyways. But Gman is pretty much back to normal. He couldn't speak above a whisper for over 3 days, & his voice is still a little squeeky.

Tonight, we went to Kids Night at Long John's/A&W. Al didn't don a pirate hat---cramped his style. Princess hooked her arm and said "AAAARRRRGGGGGHHHHH!" What a difference 7.8 years makes, eh? (FYI--I worked for LJS/A&W when they first started combining them into one restaurant. I was the Construction Coordinator. The one in the International mall in San Diego? Yeah, that was my project! Did a bunch in TX, too.)

After dinner, we went to the Free Friday Flicks at the park, the show was Madagascar 2. They had a moon bounce for the kids (I love when I catch them holding hands!) And facepainting...Gman's is supposed to be Wal-E, like on his shirt. We got home at 11pm, both fell asleep in the car....we'll see just how permanent that ink is on pillowcases tomorrow.

Al did not want his picture taken, so I had to be slick. Kind of like I had to be this morning........when I caught him watching TV................wearing a spandex book-cover on his head. But as he said, "I look tiiiiiiiight! Don't you think I look tight?"

Yes, Al, I do.


Queen B said...

so glad Gman is feeling better! looks like a very fun day :)

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a fun time out. Hope everyone is on the mend..to include you. Hope the Dr says you are ok today. Get well so Gma can bring goodies from my trip to Atlanta. Mom

Jane: a female given name of English origin said...

Poor Al, he will hate you for this post in 5 years :)

Anonymous said...

It looks like a fun day! Aunt Rae

Ruthie Girl said...

Looks really fun, and the hat looks really tight, too.