Dear Mom, Please send $$$

Only in Kentucky........So this guy, I'll call him McFly, is in need of a quick $1400. So McFly allegedly gets an idea!

McFly allegedly calls up mom and allegedly says something like this: Mom, these guys are holding me hostage. They said if someone doesn't meet them at the gas station and bring $1400, they're gonna rough me up.

So mom calls the police and they go into undercover sting, commando operations-mode at the gas station.

McFly allegedly shows up to pick up the ransom---McFly's all alone.
No kidnappers ANYWHERE.

For the real kicker......why didn't McFly call dad?
Yeah, Daddy's unavoidably detained.....on death row.
Some apples just don't fall far, allegedly, do they?


Jane: a female given name of English origin said...


Queen B said...

he was thinking outside the box ;)

Kim Thomas said...

This happened to me before but it was over $5.00 and my brother and the neighbor....nevermind, I guess it didn't happen.