This little piggy.....

This evening:

Princess: Do you know why we have 5 toes?
Me: Nope, why?
P: The big one is the daddy toe, next is the mommy toe, then the Al toe, then me, then the little baby brother toe.


Kim Thomas said...

Oh dear...that means:

The David toe
The Kim toe
The Sydney toe
the next one
and another one?????

Uh oh.

Jane: a female given name of English origin said...

Nothing good about being a middle toe

Ann said...

Does that mean I have one too many kids?! And none of them has 6 toes! LOL!!

Queen B said...

LOL. I was about to tell you you're lucky for not having 6 toes ;)

Anonymous said...

Too cute - I'm glad I don't have 7 toes. Aunt Rae