Gumball Trees

Princess: Oh no!!! When I took a sip of my drink, it made me swallow my gum!
Dad: Hmmmm, Mom, should we rush her to the emergency room?
Mom: Eh, let's wait to see if the gumball tree starts growing first.
Dad: What flavor of gum was it so we know what to look for?
Princess: Blueberry.

Later, at bedtime Dad kisses her cheek good-night.
Dad: Mmmmm, you taste a little like blueberry.
Princess (with nervous disbelief): Oh, Daddy!

Half hour after being put to bed:
Princess: I need a drink of water.
Dad: That'll make the gum get hard.
Mom: You know how water makes plants grow faster.


Anonymous said...

Knowing Princess she probably was awake all night worrying about the tree growing in in tummy....Mom

Paula said...

no. She rolled her eyes at me and has forgotten all about it.

Diane said...

Poor girl, you are scaring her.

Jane: a female given name of English origin said...
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Kim Thomas said...

Too funny...

Andrea said...

Too funny.... and a little mean..... I love it!!

Queen B said...