Mom finds broken Snowmen Family Christmas decoration on the living room floor, directly below the shelf it had been on. A couple broken off pieces are randomly scattered throughout the room. This is the EXACT transcript of the discussion with all 3 children standing in front of me:

Mom: Look at this. What happened to my snowmen?
Gman: I don't know
Princess: I didn't see
Al: Wasn't me! (obviously the oldest one has figured out to plea 'not guilty' from the word go)
Gman: Princess did it
Princess: I think Al did it (obviously has figured out not to directly accuse, but still play the odds)
Al: Wasn't me!
Gman: Al did it
Mom: All of you go to your rooms until someone confesses.

By now, I'm pretty sure the guy who's changing his finger-pointing direction is the culprit. But since they're separated, I can question them individually to verify my hunch!

Mom: What happened to my snowmen?
Al, aka The Ringleader: It wasn't me! I don't know what happened.

Mom: What happened to my snowmen?
Princess sticks to her story: I didn't see who did it, but I think it was Al

Mom: What happened to my snowmen?
Gman: It fell off the shelf and it broke itself.

PS...today is my 1 yr. blogoversary!


Andrea said...

Happy Blogiversary! A momentous occasion. I think it was Gman.

KFuj said...

This made me laugh so hard! I had to read it to Mr. KFuj we think it was Gman, too.

I love the questioning them individually!

KFuj said...

Happy First Blogiversary!!

Agent DragonFly said...

Hapy Blogiversary!! :)

Queen B said...

Happy Blogiversary!

Love the interrogation strategy!

Ruthie Girl said...

"It broke itself" classic!

Bianka said...

Very funny!

Jane: a female given name of English origin said...

I think they are all innocent. The snow falling outside caused it

Happy 1 year!!!