Sons or daughters

When Princess and I had our GWO manicures with our friends Staci & OM, a lady came in with 2 young men in their 20s requesting pedicures. (Staci's discrete photography)

Staci was getting a pedi and was sitting on the other side of the guy with his arms up, so she overheard the discussions. They had given their mom a pedi gift certificate for Christmas and since she doesn't have any daughters, she made them come. When the guy next to Staci sat in the chair, before removing his socks, he told the poor pedicure gal "I'm really sorry." His toenails were long & nasty!

So this leads to several questions:
  • If he knew they were that nasty, why didn't he atleast do a trim job before going?
  • Staci said she would have instantly quit if she had been the pedi-lady, so what sort of financial difficulty would I have to be in to make me stick thru doing a job like that?
  • Did they give her the certif's knowing they would be going?
  • Do you think they've learned to never give her gift certifs for traditionally female activities again?
  • Did the mom make them come as some sort of motivation for them to get girlfriends/wives to avoid this in the future?
  • Are they thanking their lucky stars that they didn't give her a gift certif for a wax?


Andrea said...

This is the funniest post you have ever written. I bet that:
1. he never even THOUGHT of a doing a pre-trim
2. The pedi lady has probably seen/heard it all before
3. It never occurred to him his mom would make him go (and he probably thought it was pretty funny until he actually got there and had to take his socks off!)
4. He tells his friends about it and they all want to see his feet.

Thanks for the laughs to start my morning!

Queen B said...

hahaha. I would not have pre-trimmed. This is like people with housekeepers who pre-clean...totally don't get that.

LOL at Andrea's #3 comment!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Queen B. Mom made them go cause she knew their feet needed some TLC and she didn't want to do it. Mom

Andrea said...

I have lots of thoughts around nails, that I will have to write my own blog about, but will definitely link to this.

I love it!

Ruthie Girl said...

I love this!

No don't cut your toenails, they get paid to do that.

I want to buy a pedi for my husband. It is so enjoyable, I don't want to be selfish.

I love that the boys would do anything for their moms. Made me glad for my two boys.

Jane: a female given name of English origin said...