Sherlock Holmes plays "What's my line?"

Clue #1
So, a couple months ago, I get a Facebook friend request. The email doesn't include a picture, but I recognized the name as that of the husband of Mrs. Funaholic, whom I had recently met, so I hit accept thinking nothing of it.

Clue #2
A few weeks later, his status update was near the top of the list....I see his picture and think, "What?! That's not him! Who the heck is THAT guy?" But since I was only on Facebook to avoid what I needed to be doing, I didn't put effort into investigating and forgot all about him.

Clue #3
A couple weeks later, he sends me one of those silly Facebook things, something about "So & So has sent you a Christmas present!" So I click on it to "open" it and it gives me some stupid message about how it can't be opened til Christmas. I'm all "What?! Who is this whack job?!"

So I click over to his Facebook profile to see who/what he is. Low-n-behold, I find I'm not the only one who just blindly accepted him!

There's Clues #4, 5, & 6!!!
Laura, Kim and the one and only.....Mrs. Funaholic!

The plot thickens!

Clue # 7
I took this pic a few weeks ago and just hadn't taken the time to blog it. However! When I looked at this guy's profile today, I noted Mrs. Funaholic is no longer, and I quote, a "Mutual friend."

Since he shares the name of your beloved and you were listed as a "Mutual friend," I can only surmise that you are, somehow, the link in this mystery, Mrs. Funaholic! Who is this guy-slash-imposter? And will the real Mr. Funaholic please stand up!


Andrea said...

Ah, yes...The random person on Facebook that wants to be your friends but you can't remember who they are or better yet don't have the slightest clue who they are... I've accepted my fair share of those "friendships".

Queen B said...

Mrs. Funaholic does not know him. I, too, was a mutual friend until she uncovered all hidden truths while we were standing in line at Disneyland.

Andrea said...

He is a FAKE Mr. FUN! Right after Mr. Fun got a facebook account, Facebook recommended a friend to me with the SAME name in Atlanta. So of course, I accepted him. It was several weeks before we found out he was and imposter Mr. Fun! (Sad for him, almost all of his friends were really Mr. Fun's friends. Good thing I didn't FB marry him! :)

Kim Thomas said...

I keep him as my friend just because I think it's fun!

Andrea said...

So, Kim... what's the fake Mr. Fun been up to lately? ;)

Jane: a female given name of English origin said...

I keep him as my friend so that my friend count is higher