It's actually a list in progress, but for sure, this year I want to:
  • Continue teaching my family to produce less laundry (ex.: consider re-wearing something if it didn't get funky, say things like "just because you tried it on, doesn't mean it's now dirty.")
  • Teach kids to take age-appropriate responsibility for themselves and the messes they create (ex: I'm tired of being the maid, say things like "In the last 1.4 minutes you've scattered the double-twelve set of dominoes; the tub of 1000 Legos; and the 100-piece Lincoln Log set all over the living room, could you at least pick up the 42 matchbox cars first!")
  • Work on all the "To-Do" projects that have been on my list for several months--I really like QB's "Resolution-a-month" process....I might do that!
Happy New Year all!


Kim Thomas said...

I'm with you on the last one. Get a list together of the projects.

Anonymous said...

I hope you succeed with your resolutions. I only made one, spend less money on non-needed stuff and save it for really needed life needs, like vacations. Mom

Andrea said...

I completely agree with the getting a list of projects together and spacing them out month by month.

Good luck!

Queen B said...

great list :) Hope we all accomplish lots in 2009 :)

Ruthie Girl said...

I agree 100%!

I would be happy if my daughter would wear just one outfit a day! I have gotten used to doing 2 loads a freakin day.

Jane: a female given name of English origin said...

Good luck on less laundry. We are down to 4 outfits a day for jessica