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Archives of notable Say Huh? 's for 2009
Alex went to ALOT of trouble to hide his Nintendo DS on top of the kitchen cabinets so that the little one wouldn't touch it.....but left his iTouch on the coffee table.

"Hey, Mom! I was the bathroom thermometer at kindergarten today!"---Princess, joys of being a monitor

"You know, if you're naked, in your room, you are this much taller" (holds up fingers to indicate about 1/4 inch) ---Princess, Age 5

What's that man doing with the princess?
---Gman, referring to the groom dancing with the bride at his Craig's uncle's wedding.

Driving along in the car, out of the blue, Princess says, "If your mom or dad give you a carrot, but you don't eat it, if there's a bug in the house, it will eat the carrot. That's why bugs can see so far away." ---Princess as we are driving to the pediatrician about her mystery fever, turned out to be strep.

I would still love you even if you didn't have bangs.
---Princess, said to me at the hair salon. Not sure why.

"You are a silly cat, Mom."
---Gman, in response to his mom telling him that he's a silly boy.

"Nooooooooo, Dad, the moon is too small!"
---Gman, when is dad asked him if wanted to be an astronaut and go to the moon.


Feb. 23---"It's only child abuse if it doesn't work! And if it does work--I'm a Genius!"
In reference to having Gman sit on his play mat for a very long time and he's only allowed to get up to go to the bathroom & eat meals. Drastic times call for drastic measures, and 10 months of only naked-potty-trained is DRASTIC TIMES!!

"My career at school would be over."
----Al, February 18, 2009. Said to his mother when he asked her to stop car dancing for fear his classmates might see her.


"I will never be done until I give up!"
--Al, January 2009

I found Al's box of snow in the freezer

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