Pillow Talk

Princess makes potty runs in the middle of the night. Often, she walks around our bed into the master bath, forgets why she's there and heads back to her room, only to return a minute later because she wakes up enough to realize she needs to go to the bathroom. Other nights she taps Craig and say something bizarre like "Daddy, go flush for me" or "Daddy, I didn't flush cuz I didn't want to wake my brothers up."

Last night, she came in, tapped Craig on the back and said "My pillow is missing." She walked back into her room with her daddy in tow, to search out the missing pillow. It was on her bed. Imagine that. She very excitedly said, "Look Daddy, its back."

We would find this more amusing if it wasn't happening at 3 o'clock in the morning.


KFuj said...

That is so funny! I can't wait to have kids so hear these amazing things!
The hubby and B-Ono (our renter) laughed really hard too!

Ann said...

Yeah, clearly not amusing at 3am...nothing's amusing at 3am unless you're intoxicated. :)

Queen B said...

haha. very cute! though at 3am, I would probably mutter strange things back and roll over ;)

LoSpace said...

It's good that she wakes your husband up (too). My kids go STRAIGHT to Mom's side.

Jinjer said...

How funny! Yes, I agree, 3am...uuugh!!