Money lessons learned

Some of my family have accused me of not blogging about silly things I've done. Here's where I teach them that may be a good thing for them:

Al and I had a $1 bet. As we were leaving the optical shop (where he lost the bet), I said "Pay up" and I jokingly hold the dollar on my forehead while waiting for the elevator.

Al: I'll give you $2 to keep that on your forehead the rest of the day.
Me: OK
(get on elevator, man looks at me funny)
(exit building, another man looks at me funny)
Al: I'll give you another $2 if you smile at everyone that looks at you funny
Me: OK
(walk thru parking lot, grinning like an idiot)
(in the car)
Me: Wow, Al, is it going to be worth $4 more of your own money?
Al: No. I'll give you $1 just to buy you out of the plan.
Me: I'm so proud of you for bargain hunting.
(Al throws a dollar at me)
Al: I learned another lesson too. Gambling is stupid.


Anonymous said...

what a way to learn a lesson. what a brave Mom you are to appear like an idiot to teach your child a lesson. Mom

Jinjer said...

I disagree...gambling is SUPER fun!

LoSpace said...

Hilarious! Note to self: do not mess with Paula in silly betting!! Love his attempt to haggle you down.

Ann said...

LOL! I love that he haggled! Can you haggle in a bet? :)

KFuj said...

You lost $3 for a good lesson. I enjoy gamgling from time to time. Mr. KFuj is the gambler and quite good at it too, so he says he agress with Jinjer..

Queen B said...


Agent DragonFly said...

That is HILARIOUS!!! I needed a good laugh!!!!!!

Jane: a female given name of English origin said...

I love Al!

Kim Thomas said...

Gambling is stupid.....but I still want to go to Vegas