Image of patience

....followed by "Image of the lack thereof."
We took the little ones to a b'day party at Chuck E. Cheese (btw, she calls it Chucky Cheezits, her favorite cracker). Princess and Gman sat soooo perfectly still for the entire time it took to take their picture in the booth. I laughed hysterically when I saw it:

We tried again with them sitting on our laps to boost them up...they refused to sit still again, especially G.

PS--Gman just walked in. When he saw the first pic on the screen, he yelled "Picture M*** and G***** heads!" Laughed all over again!


Queen B said...

too cute!

Jinjer said...

How funnnnny!!

Ruth Anne said...

Is that one that looks like it is done with a pencil?

Anyway, I love the machines and those pictures. Great score!

Kim Thomas said...


Jane: a female given name of English origin said...

Great post!