Country Mouse, City Mouse Tales

I am a city girl married to a country guy (in his heart anyways). While, I don't think I could live happily more than a 15 minute drive from the grocery store/shopping/movies/etc., sometimes I think it would be nice to live where people know you better than the occasional wave. Craig recently told me a story from his high school days that truly exemplifies the small town life and the simplicity thereof.

He was driving home from a date or practice or something one night in his red T-Bird. The Sheriff came up behind him with sirens & lights, so he pulled over totally baffled as to why the Sheriff was after him. Apparently, news was a red T-Bird was stolen that day in the next county. (In Kentucky, you aren't from a "town" unless its' population is like 100,000+. When asked where you are from, you give your county name.)
So, did the Sheriff run his plates? No
Have Craig get out of the car to undergo questioning & possible search? No
Sheriff walked up to the window & asked: "Who's your Dad?"
Craig answered.
Sheriff: OK, get on home.

And there you go. That's simple. You know who the good ones are just by knowing who their father is.


Kim Thomas said...

That is an awesome story!

Queen B said...

LOL, that is great!

Jinjer said...
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Jinjer said...

Very cool story! I am with you - total city girl.

Anonymous said...

Wow, the good old days, I think our kids are missing something. Love, Aunt Rae

Ann said...

Excellent story! Sounds like the very small town I grew up in! Except when I got pulled over, they said, "Oh, it's you. Get home!" :)