Anybody can be a Jack or a Jill...

It began with a conversation on Tuesday evening:
"Gman, you need a nursery rhyme costume for pre-school. What do you want to be? Maybe Jack that goes up the hill to get a pail of water?"
Gman: "No, I want to be the bucket."

Me: "A bucket? I'm not sure I can make a bucket costume. How about "Hey Diddle Diddle." I could make you a cow costume! You could be the cow that jumped over the moon." (I just saw some cow print material for dirt cheap on clearance!!)
Gman: "No. I'd rather be the moon."

So I decide to let him sleep on it since he's clearly *in a mood*.

Wednesday morning:
Me: So, for your costume, I gotta go buy stuff to make it today. You want to be Jack?
Gman: No, I'd want to be the bucket.
Me: I'm really not sure I can make a bucket costume. What's your favorite nursery rhyme?
Gman: Hey Diddle Diddle.
(So I recite the rhyme, with EXTRA EMPHASIS on characters that I can easily whip up in a day)
...the CAT and the fiddle, the COW jumps over the moon, the little DOG laughs...
Gman: I know!!!! I want to be the SPOON!

Alas....it takes a pretty awesome kid to pull off being a posterboard pail in a room full of Old King Coles, cats, sheep, etc..


Anonymous said...

You have to admit - Gman differentiately marches to his own drum. Mom

Anonymous said...

I love the bucket. Very creative kid! Aunt Rae

Andrea said...

That is an awesome bucket! Good job, mom!

KFuj said...

Drumming to the Beat of Different Marchers is a great book, Gman would love it!!

He is such a cute bucket!!