Chee-burger! Chee-burger! Chee-burger!

All of my kids are picky eaters. The younger two are hit-n-miss as to whether they'll try something new, but Al R-A-R-E-L-Y tries any thing new. And for the last 10 years, the only meat he likes is bacon and those that come in a tubular form--bologna, hot dogs, pepperoni. He'd eat beef if it was in an entree/casserole/etc; but only because he knew it was a losing battle; and he'd always go down complaining.

A few months ago, Craig appealed to Al's love of onions and got him to at least attempt a White Castle. Not really meat if you ask me, but it takes baby-steps, even with a 13yo. Al's opinion was that it was "ok." As we were driving back to Lexington this evening, Al informed us he was craving a cheeseburger! (SHOCK!!) We convinced him to upgrade to Wendy's.

He's declared that he *officially* likes cheeseburgers now!!!
*sniff* My baby is growing up!
Next step----Chicken!!!


KFuj said...

I have a great cheeseburger casserole. Actually I don't love it however Jenn, Striker, Mr. KFuj, and B Ono love it!!

LoSpace said...

Tubular meat -- ewwwww! But maybe a great marketing concept for the kiddie demographic! Like gogurt, with more protein. Hmmm gomeat?

Anonymous said...

Oh, I thought you had gone to "Chee-burger, Chee-burger". It is my new favorite. Their burgers are wonderful - but their shakes divine. The chocolate/hazelnut shake was just like drinking Nutella. Well, congrats, Al. Watch the pounds add up now. Aunt Rae