New Year's Resolution: Pointless

I pondered the first week of January what I really, truly wanted to change. Sleep. I want more sleep. I should've known better. My life is filled with way too many independent variables to ever accomplish any resolution.

Jan. 6th (aka Night 1): I average 5-6 hours on most "school nights." Got in bed a whole 10 minutes earlier than my usual "Way way toooo late." But, due to an un-warranted snow day, I got to sleep in! Hey, this is my resolution, it counts!

Night 2: Going into it, I knew Friday was a snow day but still got in bed at 11--over 30 min earlier than usual (yay me!) thinking, "Cool, I'll get to sleep in til 8 too!" That's when every. single. flippin'. independent variable conspired to sabotage me in one night.

Variable: Mother Nature. As I've been approaching the 4-0, I've sometimes suffered out-of-whack-hormones-induced insomnia. Kept me laying there for 1.5 hours.
Variable: Facebook. I'm only supposed to get FB texts up til 9pm. But for some reason, an 8:45pm text circled the stratosphere for 4+ hours and hit my cell at 1AM.
Variable: Alexander Graham Bell. A wrong-number phone call at 3AM.
Variable: Hubby. 6AM. Technically not his fault that he has to work, but he's been to blame for keeping me awake many other nights, so no extra credit.
Variable: Al. This is the kid I have to physically drag from bed at 7:20AM for school. So WHY? WHY would he intentionally set his alarm for 6:55AM when he knows it's a snow day?!? He's incapable of hearing alarms go off 2 feet from his head. I have to get up to turn of the alarm.
Variable: Princess. 7:05 wanders into my bed. Not a problem. She'll fall back to sleep. "I had a bad dream about alligators." 5 minute discussion about alligators vs. climate/living conditions.
Variable: Gman. 7:25 wanders into my bed. "I had a bad dream that I went to get a Pop-Tart and someone ate them all. Can I watch your TV?"


Jenn Ann said...

What's sleep? ;)

Anonymous said...

I do hope you find a solution to your sleeplessness. You may need to take some tylenol PM for a few nights about 8:30 pm and go to bed at 10:00 pm and hopefully the kids will let you sleep all night. Can't understand why you are up so late!!! Lack of sleep can really case health problems and can age you in many ways. Mr Gman just doesn't change..... Love ya, MOM

Anonymous said...

Lack of sleep!! Always a problem these days and kids definitely don't help. Good luck! I think that is why I like hotel rooms (especially a Marriott with great pillows and comforters). I just read a thing that said "why do we keep making the same resolutions every year? Until you get a new you, you will never get a new year." So, at least you have a new resolution - I have the same old resolution. Wish me well, Aunt Rae
Oh, by the it was 72 degrees here, so come on down and warm up!

Andrea said...

Classic Gman! And I love the advice from your mom! ;D

Ruthie Girl said...

I have given up on sleep.

But I miss it!

A lot of variables, funny and sucky.

Linda J. said...

I hate to tell you, but it's only going to get worse!