Trees, eggs, and sunglasses

It was only an 8 minute drive, during which I never said a word. But it was a marathon of non sequiturs from my children:

Rainbow Watchers. (reading from a car window sign)

Little boy blue, come blow your horn........

Tree huggers.

My hands!
(nothing further for explanation, just discovered her hands)

Rockets are faster than cars.

Twinkle Twinkle little star...........

Hug a tree.

Dance class is straight.
(not really...it was to the left)

350Z. That'll be my dream car.

Turn right
. (as I'm turning left)

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall..........

So! There's a sensor to tell the light to go on/off!
(refering to the visor mirror)

Where's my coat?

My future's so bright, I wear a hat, cuz sunglasses aren't my thang.

Today is Wednesday.

This is what our everyday life is like. I swear to you, none of this was embellished. Every word really was said by the children, and there was more that I just couldn't remember.

In the year 2024, when Gman graduates high school, somewhere there's going to be a padded room waiting for me. I hope it has good music.


Anonymous said...

Very busy minds - all going a hundred miles an hour in different directions..... very entertaining. Helps keep Mom alert. Mom

LoSpace said...

I'm impressed at how much you remembered!!! Good recall; that'll help you pass long hours in the padded room :) or, maybe sudoku?

Andrea said...

Sometimes I pray for silence. Just ten minutes of SILENCE.

KFuj said...

Very different minds, I would be talking to myself instead and hopefully I wouldn't hear them :-)