Motherly Advice

Gman exits living room.
Gman starts up the stairs.
Gman enters parents room.
"Mommy!! Princess kicked me!! WHAAAA!"

Mom: "You need to figure out how long her legs are so you can stay farther away"
Gman (stares blankly, looks at Daddy)
Dad: "Sit in the chair so you aren't in the way when its her turn on the Wii."

Mom (figuring that wasn't the real reason for the kick):
"Maybe you should run away faster"


Anonymous said...

How old do you think he will be before he figures you out!!! Mom

Agent DragonFly said...

TOO FUNNY, as usual!!

Anonymous said...

Great parenting skills ! Let them figure it out them selves! Love ya, Aunt Rae

Kim Thomas said...

I bought an SUV with seats separated by a large console just to avoid the "SYDNEY TOUCHED ME"

Bianka said...

Kim.. it doesn't matter.. you'll get "MOM SYDNEY'S LOOKING AT ME!!"

Jane: a female given name of English origin said...

Ahhhh, just tell them to shake it off :)

Andrea said...

I think you should write a parenting book... awesome!

KFuj said...

My sister has a son who plays rough, so he is always getting hurt, he shakes it off, too!!

Andrea said...

This is great advice... I really LOVE the "figure out how long her legs are so you can avoid them!"

Queen B said...

hahahahahaha. this is great :)