She'll be 4 in about 6 weeks. She's at the age where she just says things that make you burst with laughter. This week alone:
1. In the past 3-4 weeks, I've had to go to several meetings and take her/Gman with me. At home, I had given them both a snack and she sat down at the lil' table and said, "Gman, come sit with me. Look mom, we're having a MEETING!"

2. Yesterday we were driving along to preschool and we have this conversation:
Out of the blue, Princess says "Excuse me."
Me: What for?
Pr: That was a but excuse me
Me: A what?
Pr: But excuse me
Me: What's that?
Pr: You know, for a burp that comes from your bum.
I almost drove off the road!!!

3. She and Gman have watched Shrek3 apparently way too many times. While, shopping with G'ma and Great-Aunt Rae, she quoted the movie. Walking thru the store she started scratching at her backside and said " 'My butt is itchin' up a storm' today!"

This is definitely the brighter side of having kids....you just can't think up this kinda laughter on your own!


Ruth Anne said...

I die with what my kids say. I want to write it all down. I love the but excuse me. Awesome.

Raea is famous for asking if Shrek had a green penis or a brown one when she was about 3.

Kim Thomas said...

I wonder what age Sydney will be at when she attends her first "meeting". This reminds me of Jessica Smith when she says: "I hate that song" (It's the conference bridge hold music)

Ann said...

Kids are funny...I could write a book on the things Vicki says!

Jinjer said...

I love it! But excuse me. LOL So adorable!!

Jane: a female given name of English origin said...

Melody asked my admin asst if I got in trouble for not working sinceI was in meetings all day :)

Queen B said...

too cute!

Anonymous said...

I love these stories of my grandkids - they are so cute. I'm getting my daily deep gut laugh. Mom

Jenn Ann said...

But excuse me will be a new favorite phrase in my house :)

Anonymous said...

Too cute, you have to love these kids! Aunt Rae

KFuj said...

I love what kids say. Bill Cosby had that great show "Kids say the darnest things"

Now my favorite saying:
"I want kids" (with a sad face looking at my husband :-(