Black eye liner & pink eye

Actually 2 totally unrelated stories:
1. If you look at your google/blog profile and click on one of your entries, it sends you to a list of other people who listed that same item in their profile. Out of curiousity, I wandered thru the lists for some of my answers. The lists for Maroon 5 and the movie Dead Again put me in with some crowds that I TRULY have nothing else in common with...I'm not Wiccan, pagan, or anything else many had listed. Wouldn't they find it hysterical to find a mini-van drivin', mom of 3 in their mix. When I saw these lists, it sparked a memory of Laura, Amy and me in Park City at a Love N Rockets concert--we were the ONLY people at the concert who did not apply an entire stick of black eye liner all over their face in preparation for the concert. And I even went with my sweater tied around my neck. (And despite my recollection of these details for this story, my memory is not what Laura claims it is)
2. The brighter side of the raging case of pink eye I woke up with this morning:
  • It really brings out the blue of my eyes
  • While at the pharmacy, I ran into a former co-worker I hadn't seen in about 4.5 yrs
  • On the way to the pharmacy I saw this!!!


Kim Thomas said...

RO: It really brings out the blue of my eyes

That is so hilarious.

P.S. If you look up Hot IT Chick on blogger there are only two of us.....

Teri said...

Mary Ella used to have chronic pink eye, it ws terrible and it would keep coming back. Get well soon.

Queen B said...

HA - that is QUITE the bright side!

Jane: a female given name of English origin said...

Love and Rockets. See I forgot all about that trip to Park City.