Cast of Characters: Oldest Child

Portrayed by: Al, age 11.5

Super Powers: burns more energy in a day than most large cities; can sass the paint off walls; really can be incredibly funny; will tackle/drag down opponents twice his size in middle school 'JV' football games; and has thrown an amazing spiral since he was about 5 (his mom taught him!)

Likes: minced onions & SeasonAll poured on everything he eats; playing with little sis and bro; baseball cards; experimenting with household cleaner concoctions that I should probably call in the Hazmat team to clean up

Dislikes: listening to mother; 95% of all food; listening to mother; homework; did I mention listening to mother?


Queen B said...

HA! This is such a cute idea!

Jane: a female given name of English origin said...

1. Season all. lol!
2. Did you listen to your mother?
3. :)
4. He is so darn cute!

Jinjer said...

Awww what a cutie! I love the fact that you have to bring in hazmat! LOL!!

Jenn Ann said...

I'm loving your cast of characters!

Kim Thomas said...

These are great introductions!

Anonymous said...

This super power kid is by far a very energetic kid. His brain is constantly going - he can be ever so quiet, loving or drive you nuts. He is a very good game player - this grandma has a hard time winning any game against him. He is amazing and his grandparents love to be with him. Mom & Grandma

Linda said...

I could have sworn the # 1 son was just a toddler yesterday. Wow! The years have flown by.