Teen Words #2

Al: The blood center came to school today. Did you come donate?
Me: No. I'm not eligible.
Al: Why not?
Me: I lived in Europe during the thingy...the..umm
Al (cutting me off): The Black Plague?
Me: WHAT!? That was forever ago!
Al: Well, you are old.
Me: Dude, I am not that old! Be careful, I watch NCIS. I could poison you.
Al: Yeah, with the Black Plague.


Sandra said...

haha! Very clever! What thingy did you live through in Europe that prevented you from donating to the blood drive? Now I'm all curious and nosey!

Paula said...

Believe it or not...there was an out break of Mad Cow Disease. According to whomever decides who can/cant give blood, it can live dormant in human's blood even if you never showed signs of the sickness. Who knew?!

Bianka said...

Hahahah!! That was hilarious! Thanks for the smile!

Kelly@TearingUpHouses said...

Heh. Keep your plague to yourself!

Too funny.