Saying My Goodbyes

For the better part of a week, I've just been pushing through trying to pretend that all is good and well. But pretending is just becoming too emotionally draining. The joy of blogging has been completely. sucked. out. And so, I think I'll just stop. Maybe just for awhile, maybe permanently, I don't know. I hope you don't mind if I pop in to read your blogs from time-to-time.

I leave you with this one piece of advice. Before you hit "Publish Post," ask yourself, "Would this person feel our relationship affords them a wider boundary of what isn't blog-material, and is this inside or outside that boundary?" Don't just consider whether or not that person would feel embarrassed. Embarrassment is temporary, no one ever really dies from it. But relationships die when one member suddenly feels betrayed and the other one can't or won't see why. I made a tragic misjudgment in thinking a boundary was wide, another thought it thin, and the gray area exploded. When all the dust cleared, I learned that I had made another tragic misjudgment. As an apparently unneeded "like-a-sister," I was expendable. Who knew?


Andrea said...

I hope this is very temporary. Hope everything gets better. LOVE YOU!

Ruthie Girl said...

I guess it is probably good I don't know what happened. Maybe that will make the person who felt hurt or offended to feel better.

Whatever it is. The truth shouldn't hurt, but sometimes silence is soothing.

I hope you are able to recharge your happiness while you helped all the HCBC: LOOK FOR THE BRIGHTER SIDE.

Good luck.

Andrea said...

Hate that you are unhappy. Stay strong. Pop in when you can. Blog when you feel up to it again.

We'll miss you.

Dave Young said...

I love the title of your blog: "lookforthebrighterside". Relationships don't just die when "one member suddenly fees betrayed ..." They die when one or both members don't "look for the brighter side".

Paula said...

No Uncle Dave, they die because one member refuses to even evaluate their actions to see if they did something wrong. They also die when one member brushes the other aside like a gnat because they the thought of apologizing never occurs to her, whether her actions were intentional or not.

Queen B said...

I will admit that I've had a few occasions where I got really irritated over a comment made on one of my posts and thought about boycotting someone else's blog. What I told myself and have come to realize is that you should never put up that wall over something that is not done face-to-face. Meaning, intentions, sarcasm, humor don't always translate like we hear it in our head when we put it down on "paper" (virtual paper, I suppose).

hope you come back soon :)

Susanne said...

Hey Pretty!
See, this morning I decided to FINALLY figure out how to follow your blog, and now you stop?? No, no! I know the story behind this, and we need YOU, and your blog! Take a break if needed, and come back, bigger and stronger!
Love ya//Sweden

LoSpace said...

I agree with Ruthie and the others above. I am happy you are my friend on fb so I can keep up with you there :) I like your sense of humor a lot!